Friday, November 29, 2013


So I haven't been able to review every app on this planet, Yes there are so much that I just haven't been able to review all. It is possible to only be able to review a few that you like or that you are really interested in.Okay, so I always have been very curious of apps and where they come from an how there made. I just always wanted to know since I have been surrounded by apps for the past couple of years. Now you can get apps from apple, andriod, kindle etc. And developers make apps, and sell to consumers, which are me and you. But I wanted to know about apps that I have not seen or heard before in the market. Which was hard because. what apps haven't a lot of people seen before, like honestly there are tons of apps all around. However, there was this website(UNSEEN APPS) that I stumbled upon and was very taken a back by the unseen apps that I have not seen before. This website shows you some cool, things about apps that you may not have known before today, and I say that in the best way possible.

Apps are "a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, esp. as downloaded by a user to a mobile device"-Definition. Apps are there to fulfill the individuals needs, and you should want to download an app because it fulfills your needs.
SO when you continue to search for apps that don't do this, how will you ever fulfill your needs or personal goals, whichever. I think it's totally fine to want to venture out and find apps that you haven't really been able to find before. They make the app search that much more fun and enjoyable. You can always stay with whatever apps you have now, but what about those apps that are out there that can eventually fill a need that you want. By visiting this site(UNSEEN APPS) you can find just that. It doesn't take time to do this at all, you'll almost feel like "wow, why haven't I done this before. It's fine if you haven't but you should. You can also create apps, if you don't like what you see in the app stores. I personally am working on creating an app, but it takes time. SO in the mean time I will just continue to find unseen apps, that I have not seen or heard before.

These may not be the most popular apps, but they are worth a shot at looking at. I mean I hesitated at first too before I actually just took a look at it. Exploring is the best part of what apps are, you can always find something new with these apps. Apps are used for you the person to feel like you have accomplished a goal or for you to feel like you are comfortable. In the past year I have searched for many apps that no one knows about, and that no one has brought up before. I just wanted to be different and have something that no one had before. So by going to this site, I completely saw what I was looking for. I mean not everyone is like me, because some people are comfortable with what they have but I always want to be innovative and find something new or different from what many others have. I cannot assure you that these apps are any better than the ones you have but I can assure you that you'll see something different.