Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top money making blogs

                                          Your blog starting Off

First and foremost

you must have an idea of
what your going
to write in your blog.
Your blog should be something that people will be interested in reading, think about if you stumbled upon this blog would you continue reading?. Also you have to feel comfortable about what  your blogging, if your not confident in your work then no one else will be. This is where a niche comes about, if you want to write something that people want. Your niche could even be something that you really enjoy or know a lot about, it'll help because at least you know that your niche is something that you can identify with. You can always switch over time, if you feel like you've found a better niche. When your starting off writing a blog, try to write an outline of exactly what your going to write, so that you can find your mistakes before you publish it. 
If you have products that you personally want to sell, then that's a great start. You'll know exactly how good the product is. You can start off by putting up some of your products on your blog and explaining what is is how how is works. Get people engaged about the products,have a detailed storyline but not to over whelming. There are other people's products that you can sell as well, if you have no products of your own. You can become an affiliate marketer, like I am trying at the current moment. There are different sites that you can join that are free. Such as, etc. There are so much to choose from, but it's all up to you the individual to choose from.
Don't ever force anyone to buy something, that would just be annoying. This will not help you and people will not purchase. Try and deliver your message how you would like others to deliver it to you. Remember keeping it brief is essential especially when all the customer wants to know is what the product is and how it works.When you watch commercials they are usually on for a maximum of 30 seconds, and people usually want more. Be firm but not aggressive, that will drive people away and you don't want that. I learned my lesson  when selling products, be the customer and you'll get customers. It makes a difference on your approach, think about when you go into a store and the sales associate bugs you the whole time into buying something. You feel pressured and you end up leaving, honestly are you really going to want to buy/shop there, properly not.