Saturday, June 15, 2013

NBA trade rumors celtics

Boston has had talks about sending Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to join the Clippers. (Getty Images)
Discussions over a blockbuster deal to send Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers – with Doc Rivers as coach – reached an impasse on Saturday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.
The Clippers are willing to part with center DeAndre Jordan and a first-round draft pick for Garnett – and the rights to hire Rivers – but so far have refused to include Boston's desire for point guard Eric Bledsoe into the package, sources said.
Since the February trade deadline, Bledsoe had been a part of talks for Garnett, and more recently, Rivers, but that changed Saturday morning, league sources said. The Clippers were no longer willing to part with Bledsoe, sources told Y! Sports.
If the deal completely falls apart, Celtics management and Rivers are still committed to his return to Boston as coach.
Boston general manager Danny Ainge has requested Bledsoe and a second first-round pick, but all involved believe that Bledsoe's inclusion into the package would get a deal done.
Celtics and Clippers management – as well as Rivers – want a finality to these discussions in short order, sources involved told Yahoo! Sports. No one involved has shown an appetite for these talks to linger without resolution.
Garnett, 37, will waive his no-trade clause to leave Boston only if Rivers joins him as coach, sources said. Rivers still needed to talk to Clippers star Chris Paul about his free-agency plans this summer, sources told Yahoo! Sports. It is believed that the arrival of Rivers and Garnett would be the final moves needed to assure Paul to re-signing with the Clippers in July.
Rivers has three years and $21 million left on his Celtics contract, but doesn't want to stay in Boston unless the Celtics are willing to bring back Garnett and Paul Pierce to avoid rebuilding for another year, sources said. Boston will not let Rivers coach or work anywhere in the NBA for the duration of his contract without compensation, sources said.
The Clippers have shown a willingness to give Rivers a contract extension that's competitive with his Boston salary, sources said. Throughout this awkward process, Boston has told Rivers that it still wants him to return as coach should the Clippers discussions never reach fruition, sources said.
While the Clippers had the wistful thought of trying to arrange a sign-and-trade to acquire Dwight Howard for Bledsoe and Blake Griffin, the Lakers have flatly rejected the idea, sources said.
"They'll never do it," one source with direct knowledge of the conversations told Yahoo! Sports.
So far, the Lakers have rejected every possible sign-and-trade scenario for Howard, sources said. The possibility of trading him within the Staples Center is probably the least palatable scenario of all should they be forced to lose him for nothing in July and finally do agree to a sign-and-trade possibility.
Bledsoe can be a restricted free agent in 2014 and it will be difficult to pay him a market value with Paul on the roster.
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As you can tell I am a Celtics fan and to see Doc and Kevin Garnett go would be more devastating than watching Ray Allen walk away. I say KG should stay and so should Rivers for one last run at a championship. If they want some one to trade they can trade a few bench guys, in return for some excellent talent that would make Rondo, KG and Paul look good and have less work to do.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Spurs need more from Manu Ginobili

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Spurs fans – and maybe even some of the San Antonio Spurs themselves – are asking one question after the team's 109-93 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 4 of the NBA Finals:
What's wrong with Manu Ginobili?
"I don't know," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said. "If I knew that I would have fixed it."
Ginobili has built a reputation as one of the NBA's most explosive reserves and a big-game performer, but hasn't shown a lot of that during the Finals. He's averaging 7.5 points on 34.4 percent shooting in the series, punctuated by a five-point performance on Thursday.
With the Finals now even, the Spurs could use a little more production from the third member of their Big Three.
"No one is happy," Ginobili said. "Of course, I'd prefer to make more shots and play better. But I didn't. That's the bottom line."
Ginobili hasn't had many open moments against the Heat during the NBA Finals. (AP)Ginobili's scoring – and minutes – have dropped noticeably over the past two seasons. He averaged 11.8 points during the regular season, his fewest since his rookie year. He also had a long summer a year ago when the Spurs advanced to the Western Conference finals and Ginobili then played for Argentina's national team in the London Olympics.
"That's what they've been all season long," said Ginobili, defending his low Finals scoring average. "It's not like I'm scoring 30 a game this year."
Ginobili's scoring isn't the only concern. He's also appeared more mistake-prone, taking some ill-advised shots late in games and causing uncharacteristic turnovers. He's always played with a gambler's attitude, but he's also usually made more winning plays.
Gary Neal has given the Spurs' bench a lift with his shooting, but that wasn't enough in Game 4.
"We definitely need Manu," Spurs guard Tony Parker said. "We need to try to help him get his confidence going. But I have a lot of confidence in Manu. I'm sure he's going to break out of the slump. I've played with him a long time. I just know he's going to have a big game soon."
Spurs forward Tim Duncan says Ginobili needs to be more selfish offensively.
"He's trying to make the right play at the right time," Duncan said. "He's trying to make the right pass, make the defense move instead of looking for his own. So I think he's just trying to make the right play more than anything. We need him to be a little more aggressive, be a little more selfish, maybe, and hopefully we can find him a way to get him to do that."
The Heat also have done their best to make the games more difficult for Ginobili.
"He's a big-time player," LeBron James said. "Against big-time players, you just try to make it tough on them. That's what we've been trying to do. We've been trying to get high hands on his pick-and-rolls. He's a great passer. When he raises for his [3-pointers], we try to get contests. When he drives the lane, we try to get a body in front of him and contest him at the rim."
Ginobili called Game 5 in San Antonio a "must win" for the Spurs, given that Games 6 and, if necessary, 7 will be played in Miami. But that doesn't mean Ginobili thinks the Spurs need a big-scoring night from him to win. He's considered himself more of a facilitator this season because Parker and Duncan have played so well.
"I wish I could score more, but it's not happening," Ginobili said. "I have to try to do other stuff. I got to move the ball if my shot is not falling. I have to find the bigs and shooters. My teammates are doing great. If that happens, I use them. I don't have to force the issue.
"That's not what I do. It's not what I'm asked to do."
Ginobili turns 36 next month and will be a free agent after making $14.1 million this season. He's said he's not likely to retire and would like to end his career in San Antonio. Still, Ginobili also knows that this could be his best opportunity to win his fourth NBA championship.
And deep down, he also knows that if the Spurs are to win two more games, he'll need to play better. The Spurs might not rely on him to put up points the way he once did, but they do need him to provide a spark.
"I didn't do that good today," Ginobili said. "But I don't feel the pressure to score 20 to win. That's not who we are."
What's going on with Ginobili he could possibly cost Spurs a championship with a game like that, it's almost like how Wade was playing for Miami. He has to play better or Spurs can't hold off any longer. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jason Kidd new Head Coach

                      Jason Kidd is the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets
  He is recently retired and now he is going to have a big job in the NBA as head coach for the Brooklyn Nets.  
He recently retired as a Knick how ironic, but he is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, past and present. Jason Kidd has set records from scoring, shooting 3's, assist and play off double doubles, but nothing as a coach. He also has a ring which he won with Dallas in 2011, and that's his only ring. He has no coaching experience and he now has a big position to fill. I can't say for sure if he will be good at coaching, but I know he would mentor these young point guards.
 I think he is great at what he does personally, he seems like he really wanted this job and now he can prove to people that he will be great as a coach like he was as a player. The Net's didn't have a bad season this year, it was actually a really good year for them, after having their first coach fired and hiring P.J Carlesimo. I can't say for sure how great of a coach he will be but I know with the right team behind him, he can do very well. If he doesn't do well I feel like he will be another coach fired and replaced just like that. As many coaches in the NBA knows, this year so many coaches were fired that even if you win you can still be fired.
  Let's see for the 2013-2014 NBA season how well he will do as head coach, but surely there is no pressure, he doesn't have any coaching experience.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top money making blogs

                                          Your blog starting Off

First and foremost

you must have an idea of
what your going
to write in your blog.
Your blog should be something that people will be interested in reading, think about if you stumbled upon this blog would you continue reading?. Also you have to feel comfortable about what  your blogging, if your not confident in your work then no one else will be. This is where a niche comes about, if you want to write something that people want. Your niche could even be something that you really enjoy or know a lot about, it'll help because at least you know that your niche is something that you can identify with. You can always switch over time, if you feel like you've found a better niche. When your starting off writing a blog, try to write an outline of exactly what your going to write, so that you can find your mistakes before you publish it. 
If you have products that you personally want to sell, then that's a great start. You'll know exactly how good the product is. You can start off by putting up some of your products on your blog and explaining what is is how how is works. Get people engaged about the products,have a detailed storyline but not to over whelming. There are other people's products that you can sell as well, if you have no products of your own. You can become an affiliate marketer, like I am trying at the current moment. There are different sites that you can join that are free. Such as, etc. There are so much to choose from, but it's all up to you the individual to choose from.
Don't ever force anyone to buy something, that would just be annoying. This will not help you and people will not purchase. Try and deliver your message how you would like others to deliver it to you. Remember keeping it brief is essential especially when all the customer wants to know is what the product is and how it works.When you watch commercials they are usually on for a maximum of 30 seconds, and people usually want more. Be firm but not aggressive, that will drive people away and you don't want that. I learned my lesson  when selling products, be the customer and you'll get customers. It makes a difference on your approach, think about when you go into a store and the sales associate bugs you the whole time into buying something. You feel pressured and you end up leaving, honestly are you really going to want to buy/shop there, properly not.